Stop North Uttlesford's New Town destroying our community - stop NUTown

What? A proposal by Uttlesford District Council (UDC) to build a new town of 5,000 houses across beautiful farming countryside stretching from Great Chesterford northeast towards Great Abington and Linton.

Why? Because Britain needs new housing BUT this proposal is in the wrong place and lacks the most rudimentary plans and facilities.

There is no objectively assessed need for this amount of new housing in north Uttlesford. It is being driven by three factors: (1) the growth of Stansted Airport in the south of the district; (2) political pressure by councilors in the south to limit the number of new houses in their area, thus moving the issue north; and (3) the desire of a group of farmers to sell their land for 100 times its agricultural value.

Even UDC’s own officials admit this was not a first choice location. In fact, it was not even being considered until their first choice locations came under political pressure (and a group of farmers saw an opportunity).

Putting this number of houses in the northern-most part of the district does not make sense. Just across the county boundary (less than half a mile away), South Cambridgeshire District Council has it’s own well-considered plan for new housing that takes account of need, employment and infrastructure. UDC’s ill-conceived plan will simply attract commuters, it won’t address the housing needs of the area, least of all affordable housing for people with family ties in the district. Instead the commuters it attracts will put an intolerable strain on the roads across the county boundary and the single narrow road into nearby Saffron Walden.

To put this number of houses in an unspoilt part of north Essex will radically change the character and quality of life of communities in a large area. As the houses go up, so will the strain on roads, car parks, schools and GP surgeries, all of which are already overloaded. We could be paying the consequences of this ill-conceived idea for a very long time.

This is not NIMBY, it’s PEPSI (Poorly Executed Political Self Interest).

A view by CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England): The wrong homes in the wrong places

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